Trump claimed he should receive 2 extra years as U.S President
The U.S President Donald Trump has appeared to claim he should receive an additional 2 years as president in reparations for the Mueller investigation. On Sunday, the U.S president shared a tweet by Jerry Falwell Jr. (president of evangelical Christian university Liberty University and a prominent supporter of Trump). Falwell falsely claimed, “After the best week ever for @realDonaldTrump – no obstruction, no collusion, NYT admits @BarackObama did spy on his campaign, & the economy is soaring”.

It is important that there is no evidence to suggest former president Barack Obama had any role in probing the Trump campaign, and special counsel Robert Mueller has provided multiple instances in which Trump attempted to impede his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. Falwell added in his tweet the president shared on his account, “I now support reparations and Trump should have 2 yrs added to his 1st term as payback for time stolen by this corrupt failed coup”.

Trump didn’t explicitly endorse the message he shared. He regularly and almost exclusively retweets messages he agrees with. He followed up the retweet with posts of his own bemoaning 2 years stolen by the special counsel’s probe, which was launched in May 2017. It concluded with Mueller’s 448-page report, which was published last month. Trump tweeted, “Despite the tremendous success that I have had as President, including perhaps the greatest ECONOMY and most successful first two years of any President in history, they have stolen 2 years of my Presidency that we will never be able to get back”.

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