Living On Purpose One Rock At A Time

I simply were given returned from colorado where i spent every week relaxing, re-energizing and revisiting the important thing values in my lifestyles. the lodge in which i stayed is known as peaceful valley, and it has a chapel at the premises. i’ve been to peaceful valley and to this chapel normally through the years. the chapel is on the stop of a steep ten-minute hike, which has become a ritual for me. the view on the top — part of the rocky mountain range — is breathtaking.

on the manner down one morning i was in a rush and going too rapid for the terrain. i nearly fell. there were plenty of rocks, and it become clean to hit a wobbly one and slip.

i bogged down, took a deep breath, and placed my foot down purposefully on the subsequent rock, and then the subsequent. i soon speeded up and needed to slow myself down once more.

i decided that even supposing i was overdue, i might region every foot consciously on every occasion i took a step. it took lots for me to do this. but it grew to become out to be an high-quality centering and meditative practice. one rock at a time — that’s all i selected to consider. and i was all at once extra aware of the whole thing — the sound of the wind, the chattering of birds and squirrels, and the light of the early morning solar on the golden aspens.

i thought: i may want to try this greater often. be right here now. sense the contact of my foot on the rock. sense the steerage wheel as i pressure. be on the stop light, rather than minutes or hours ahead at the destination. hear the birds out of doors my office window.

i begin to think that multi-tasking is overrated. the simply tough element is to be absolutely found in one area at a time.

how aware are you of this moment? does existence appear to speed up so much that you pass over some of the maximum crucial components? take a moment proper now and breathe. matter to 5 at the inhale, and count number five again at the exhale. take the time. it’s now that you’re alive, now not the previous day and no longer the following day. now.


“centering is the artwork of being absolutely alive. and anywhere the artwork of centering is practiced, matters trade dramatically.”

— tom crum, “journey to center”


wishing you excellent power in every second!

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