Top 9 Fitness Apps That Actually Pay You to Keep Fit

Almost 90% of people you see around you do visit the gym a couple of times in the week just to keep fit, but some of these people do visit the gym consecutively for the whole week just to keep fit and exercise of course.

But, one thing is crucial here; these people do not get any reward for visiting the gym almost half of their miserable lives except on special occasions when the gym owners give off freebies to their most regular customers.

If you are always interested about losing weight, you might want to consider yourself living a little far from the gym and you frequent the gym up to 5 times in a week and spend up to $50 on transport to the supposed gym location but you never got any tips, freebies or giveaways for doing what you loved and keeping fit with yourself.

That’s kind of weird; but you are covered.
It is always said that looking good is good business and here are 9 fitness Apps that will actually pay you to keep fit.

DietBet fitness App

This fitness app lets you and your friends bet on each other’s weight loss aims and the winner ultimately takes the money earned.
The DietBet fitness App is seen as the first on this list of 9 fitness Apps that will actually pay you to keep fit.

With DietBet, you primarily bet on yourself to lose weight and then you seriously work on yourself to achieve that.
If you achieve your goal, you can split the money you earned with a group of friends you have in the same bet or you can keep the whole income to yourself. There are several games you can choose from and challenge your friends to perform them.
There are two games you have to choose from inDietBet which are the Kickstarter game, the Transformer game and the maintainer game.

These first two games encourage you to lose 4 percent of body fat in four weeks while the Maintainer game challenges you to maintain your body and keep the weight off for a whole year.

Here is how the DietBet works

In the initial stage, you and the group of friends you challenged will put money in a pot and at the end of the timeframe chosen; all the members of the group who have accomplished their tasks get to split the pot amongst them.
The rest of the members who did not complete their own tasks however, don’t get any money.

Just in a bid to ensure that you play fair, photos of yourself on a scale and also a picture of the scale’s readout are required as a proof that you actually carried out your task.
There will be a referee who reviews each photo.
Once you’ve collected your earnings (but that is of course after successfully completing the challenge), you can choose to use the earnings made to bet on another game or cash it out using PayPal.

The challenges on DietBet can last about a month and you can bet amounts ranging from $30, $50 or $75.
Winners of DietBet challenges have capped up to $100,000 in cash prizes. 
So if a chance to win big money doesn’t motivate you to get your lazy posterior to work, I don’t know what will.

The GOODcoins fitness App

This is another fitness App that you can get paid for using just like the App we discussed above. This is the second in line of the 9 fitness Apps that will actually pay you to keep fit.
The GOODcoins is truly a unique app, which rewards you for meeting your fitness goals in a perfectly scheduled time-frame.

While using the GOODcoins for your fitness training, you are awarded GOODcoins by exercises like walking, running and cycling for 30 minutes a day.
You can use these points only for positive purposes, like treating yourself to sustainable eco-friendly products from the GOODcoins store, or donate them to your favorite charity.

At least, you earned while keeping fit and that is the basic goal of the GOODcoins App.

The StepBet fitness App

The StepBet fitness App comes on the third place on the 9 fitness Apps that will pay you to keep fit.
But this App is a little different from the ones we have talked about above but in little ways than what you actually think.
So let’s get a rundown.

If you exclusively want to win prizes based on the number of steps you take instead of losing weight, then you must check-out StepBet fitness App.
Most of the fitness games on StepBet last for six weeks and the average bets are always $40.

In StepBet, no participant is disqualified during the first week of a challenge, but you must be very consistent to reach your weekly goal for each of the remaining five weeks to get paid.

Your payments upon reaching your goal will be made via PayPal gateway.
The StepBet is currently compatible with these fitness devices listed below:
Garmin trackers
iPhone Apple Health via phone
iPhone Apple Watch
Android Google Fit via phone
iPhone or Android Fitbit

The Bounts fitness App

The Bounts is another free fitness App that rewards you with points (or better known as bounts) which can be redeemed for prizes, offers and discounts from top fitness brands and retailers.

If you’re very active on Bounts, you can also enroll in the premium Bounts app to boost your earnings potential.

The Bounts is a mobile-only app that works with Android OS and iOS devices (Compatible with every iOS version but best used with the latest iOS version).
The Bounts fitness App comes in the fourth place on this list, but it is still one of the best fitness Apps that will help you to loose weigh while you still get paid.

WellCoin fitness App

If you wished to lose weight and actually get paid for keeping fit, then this is the right App for you to use to get your desire and keep some bucks into your pocket.
The folks at WellCoin have developed a mobile app that gives you rewards or points when you use them to keep fit and also carry out exercises.
You can redeem your points in many ways, but PayPal is the easiest way to redeem your cash payments.
Some of the ways to earn a good buck from the WellCoin and what they desire you to do are ranged from;
Sleeping seven hours a night

Drinking plenty of water
Going for a jog (Road walk)

You’ll earn WellCoins for doing all of the above exercises.
When you earn enough coins, you can redeem them for workout gear, healthy food, and even exercise classes in your area.

The WellCoin app is a great tool to help keep you exercises accountable throughout the day.

MapMyFitness fitness App

If you are always on the top of your list in your fitness class, then this fitness App is for you.
MapMyFitness is a free fitness App from under Armour that awards prizes to the top monthly performers for using their free App and as well staying on the top of their games.
While using MapMyFitness, you can also win the grand prize at the end of the calendar year too.

In addition to the prize opportunities, you can also find new exercise routes that other MapMyFitness App users share so you can find a more challenging route or some new 

You can also use the app to create workout routines, training plans, and count calories.
Unlike the other fitness Apps that lets you get paid while you lose weight as explained above, there are many other good sides to MapMyFitness App than there is to many other ones above as they do give other external services which are of great importance to anyone who wished to keep fit.

The Achievement fitness App

This is the most popular App when it comes to the popular search for Apps that lets you get paid while you lose weight.
Over 1.5 million people have used Achievement fitness App to get in shape while still getting paid as promised by the App.
The achievement fitness App tends to stand out among others because it is absolutely free to use but you still get paid for losing weight, and this is the beautiful part of the fitness App.
The achievement fitness App tends to pays you for the following activities you take while using the App:


Tracking steps



The achievement fitness App can be used for over 30 Android and iOS apps including Apple Health, Samsung Health, and Fitbit.
If you’re already counting your steps at the end of each day through the built-in smartphone app, now Achievement will pay you.

The HealthyWage fitness App

Has anyone ever paid you a salary for shedding the weight that makes you feel less attractive and seemingly ugly?
Good news! HealthyWage would.

Just with an entry fee of about $25, you can challenge yourself or others at a cost you can afford and the timeframe most convenient for you, and be a part of numerous persons who have been rewarded handsomely for winning HealthyWage by just losing some calories.

Getting paid while you lose weight can actually be very difficult but when you are quite determined, you can achieve that but the motivation to take weight loss seriously does come with the assurance of getting paid while you lose weight.
Of course everyone loves money; who doesn’t?

Filling the HealthyWage Prize Calculator with your information tells you upfront how much you’ll cash in, and you will be paid through check, via PayPal, or an Amazon credit. 
This is the only fitness App that can pay you for referring people and if you did, you will be earning up to $60-$80 extra for referrals.

The Walgreens fitness App           

This is the only fitness App that not only actually pays you to lose weight, but they also take smokers into consideration. They give off a huge bonus if a smoker happened to quit smoking permanently. 

You could have been indulging in certain health and fitness trainings and you never got paid but rather, you put in your own time, money and also energy in it.
Well, that is about to change.

There are many mouthwatering rewards for the little healthy things you do but not until you try the Walgreens fitness App you might not get the privileges anywhere else.
Walgreens fitness App also offers a balance rewards program which is certainly a money maker if approached in the right way.

Here is how you use Walgreens fitness App;
Link a health app to it and earn 250 points, log in and do the following;
Cycling activities for 20 points daily
Check your blood glucose
Test your blood pressure to get 20 points each day.
Sounds fun right?

Doing the above weigh loss activities earns you 20 points, and if you happened to be a smoker, making a goal to quit smoking gives you 250 points and an extra 250 when it is achieved.

These points take money off purchases, and they don’t expire until after a year.
Aren’t you grinning from ear to ear at these unbelievable rewards when you lose some calories?

So what are you waiting for? Hurry! Go get the Walgreens app.


You should know better when it comes to actually getting paid for losing weight.
Making money can come in several ways as it is a very serious topic discussed among peers, women and men about weight loss and this could be a very good means to put some extra buck in your pocket.

You should try using any one of the 9 Apps above for getting paid while you lose weight, and you will stand a chance to earn a few buck for doing what you love and what helps your health.

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