Simple and easy hair care routine in winters

Dear Friends in winters like skin, hairs are also very important to care. In winters we get very busy to care our skin that we forget about hairs. Thus we suffer from many hair loss problems. Today I will tell you how you can make your hair smooth and soft in winters also.
Like other skin of body your scalp also gets dried and therefore you suffer from dandruff.

1. Hydrated scalp

Hydrated scalp will result to healthy hairs. You can massage your scalp with warm oil. Light oils are recommended for winters like Mustard, Olive , Seasame and Almond.
In winters coconut oil gets freeze, you can apply this on your hairs after heating but it will get sticky to your scalp and washing will also get more time and shampoo J
After oiling steam you hairs is must, because oil will easily get absorb by hair roots.
Wrap a hot wet towel around your head and lave it for 15-20 minutes.

2. Do not use hot water

Never shampoo your hair with hot water. It will make roots weaker and also lead to dandruff. Always use normal water.

3. Use Chemical free shampoo

Hairs easily get dried in winters, so try to use chemical free shampoo.

4. Conditioning is important

In this weather conditioner is must for your hairs. Always use conditioner after shampoo. You can also mix olive oil in this so if some time you wash your hair without oiling then this conditioner will protect your hairs from getting dry and fizzy.
Healthy diet in winters play very important role in healthy and strong hairs. You can add seasonal fruits and vegetables in your daily diet like carrots, spinach, dry fruits etc.

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