8 Side effects of tea and ways to control its intake

Caffeine present in Tea excited your nervous system and make you feel relaxed. You feel refreshed after drinking Tea but it is for some minutes and again when you feel tired you take another cup of tea. In this way sometimes you drink countless cup. But there are many side effects of tea.
Slowly you go addicted of tea and you are not able to work without a cup of tea,
Some people say Tea is good for health, some says it is not. But it is sure that more than 2 cups it is not good for health. People who drink tea in large amount should know its side effects.  Later you will get to know to control its intake.
  1. Tea is not made for hot countries/places
According to Ayurveda, Tea is not made for countries/places where weather is hot. Tea also produces more heat inside our body. There is acid in our stomach which increases if we drink tea. When quantity of acid increases in blood, it effects our body organs and imbalance amount of alkaline and acid in body.
 2. Slows down Digestion Process
Tea slows down digestion process in human body. It creates gastric, acidity and much more difficulties in food digestion.
 3. Vitamins and Minerals do not absorb in body
Tea does not let your body to absorb all vitamins and minerals properly. It will lead to fatigue and tiredness.
 4. It increases Blood Pressure
Large intake of tea increases blood pressure and may lead to heart attack.
 5. Increase chances of kidney stone
There is large amount of oxalate content in tea, which increases chances of kidney stone in your body.
 6. Bones become weak
Tea makes your bones weak, you may face many problems like joint pain, back pain and pain in various parts of body.
 7. Problem in iron absorption
People who are suffering from blood problems or have low level of body in body should not take tea because it does not let iron absorb in your body.
 8. Dehydration in body
Large intake of tea dehydrates your body and it leads to many problems.
It is your mindset that you can’t stop drinking tea, but it is not impossible to stop it. You can replace it with green tea,you can take a glass of warm water.
But if you are a person who can’t stop drinking tea, then there are some tips which help you to save from side effects of tea.
  1. Limit your tea intake to 1-2 cups
  2. Do not boil tea leaves in water.
  3. Boil tea leaves and milk separately. Then add this boiled water to milk.
  4. When we add milk in boiled tea water, it destroys some useful antioxidants which are good for our body.
  5. Do not drink hot tea, let it cool for some minutes then you can take it.
  6. Always use fresh utensil to prepare tea.

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